Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Passionate Selection Series Rant

So, let me just say that I absolutely cannot stand The Bachelor, so it could be implied that I would absolutely hate The Selection since it has a Bachelor theme running through it.  Surprisingly, I didn't hate The Selection.  Heck, I liked it enough that I picked up the second book, The Elite.  Now that's where my passion-fueled rant is coming from.

AMERICA, YOU CANNOT SUCK FACE WITH ONE GUY AND THEN SUCK FACE WITH ANOTHER GUY THAT YOU'RE "TOTALLY OVER."  IT JUST DOESN'T - AND WON'T - WORK.  Seriously!  America's like the guy on Sister Wives when he can't decide which of his wives he wants to have a child with!  Messed up.  It was all good with Maxon and then BAM.  Here comes Mr. Past Lover.

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Don't even get me started with America's incessant crying!  
America: Oh, Maxon!  I can't decide between you and Aspen because I'm horribly indecisive, and therefore am incapable of making a decision because I CAN'T STOP WALLOWING IN MY SELF-PITY.  I'm seriously so full of myself that it's really THE ONLY THING I can think about!
That's basically the gist of the middle part of The Elite.  So damn irritating.

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Oh, and when America finally makes a decision on who she wants to be with and something tragic happens BECAUSE OF HER to that person, she doesn't get him.  Serves you right, bitch!  Goodness, I have to calm down and remind myself that this is a fictional story.  But then the ending had to come along and make everything happy and jovial.  NO.  OH MY GOSH, NO.  America needs to become a hermit cat lady because that would make me very, very happy.

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~ Does anyone agree with me, or am I that awkward 1%?


  1. I KNOW!! She was such an idiot in the Elite that I couldn't stand it. Actually, Aspen and Maxon were both idiots in that book too, so I'll just say that everybody was an idiot. At the end I was team Sister-America (Nun America). I will read The One in the hope that America may be slightly less wimpy and maybe just maybe there will actually be a plot in there somewhere...

    1. I know, right!! Maxon was also pretty hardheaded and a total doucheball, but obviously America can look over those major details and "forgive" him. I'm hoping for a miracle in The One! XD

  2. Ahaha, I just finished this book and I totally agree! Something about The Elite kept me reading, but I could barely stand America's indecision. I wish I had kept track of how many times she changed her mind about her love interests so I could rant without making up some hyperbolic number, although saying she oscillated one hundred times is not too much of an exaggeration. I too will read The One out of curiosity and love for the books' covers, and I wish us all the best in dealing with the love triangle.

    1. Haha! I wanted to scream at America SO MUCH because she was like a pinball bouncing back and forth between Maxon and Aspen! Oh my gosh, the cover for The One is so gorgeous! It's too bad the main character is so lousy :/

  3. That is a VERY passionate review. LOL. I didn't really like it as much as I thought it would. And America! Phew. Not my top female leads at all. :p

    followed you back! :)


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