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Title: Better (Too Good #2)

Author: S. Walden

Genre: NA/Romance

Release Date: November 19, 2013

My Rating:

Their relationship has been exposed, and now their lives are changed forever. 

 For Cadence Miller, the fast track to adulthood proves intimidating and frustrating.  She’s a little girl lost—abandoned by her family and uncertain of her future.  She doesn’t think she “fits” anywhere. She’s eighteen.  She wants to be older.  And the result is both comical and heartbreaking. 

 Mark Connelly will do anything to provide Cadence a stable, loving home—to be her protector.  But he’s just as broken and lost, and his heart won’t let go of his past so easily. He knows he should share his secret with Cadence.  He should trust that she’ll understand. But what if she doesn’t?  What if their love doesn’t grow stronger?   What if it doesn’t get better?

~ Goodreads

Noooo!  Now that I've finished Better, I've finished the series *sniff sniff*  I was hoping for at least one more book in the Too Good series, but I'm just glad that Better ended on a wonderful note.

Cadence Miller and Mark Connelly are forbidden lovers.  The world wanted to separate them, but they overcame the odds and pushed through only to end up in a personal struggle.  Mark's been keeping major secrets about his past from Cadence, and she doesn't take it well.  Cadence completely spirals out of control, and it's up to Mark to put the fragmented pieces of their relationship back together.  Will he be able to do it before Cadence loses all of her faith in their relationship?

So, I love, love, love Good passionately.  It's one of those books that ends with you tucked in a ball and bawling your eyes out (or at least I was...).  But Better didn't do that to me.  I mean, sure there were a lot of sweet and monumentally swoonful scenes, but Cadence was just..... ugh.... truthfully, she acted like a little bitch.  You'd think that since she's totally and completely in love with Mark that she'd forgive him for not being ready to tell her an enormous revelation about his past, but no.  The exact opposite.  Cadence goes berserk, and that's where my problem comes in.  Mark cannot undo his past, and besides, she wasn't even a part of his life at that point, but she gets pissed off anyway!  Cadence was the one acting like a child and being completely immature.  Those scenes drove me insane because I just wanted to reach through the screen of my Kindle and shake some sense into her.  Conclusively, the only problem I had with Better was Cadence's selfish behavior in the middle of the book.

I seriously want my own Mark after reading the epilogue.  Oh my gosh, the flawless epilogue completely unwound my emotions, and I was crying tears of joy and happiness and sadness because Better is the last book in the series.  But, anyways, Walden must have put a lot of heart into that scene because it was so perfect and lovely.

The romance was as sweet as ever, showing just how much Mark and Cadence love each other through their many tender moments.  Better is explicit, so I would only recommend it to anyone 16+!  But other than that, it was wonderfully romantic and Mark had me swooning in my shoes.  Gosh, why can't I have my own Mark?!  Because I would really like one....

The dialogue did drive me crazy, what with its incessant usage of "wanna" and "gotta."  Okay, one, that's not proper grammar (correct grammar, please!), and two, those words made the characters sound younger than they actually were.  I mean, Mark's an English major, right?  He should know better!  "Wanna" coming out of his mouth sounds just plain wrong.

Overall, I'm giving Better a 4.5/5 because it's a sweet and pleasant ending to the series, but Cadence drove me a little crazy.


  1. I tend to run screaming from NA novels because I think they've relied far too heavily on simply amping up sexual scenarios, but this one sounds different. It sounds really, really good! Plus, who can turn down a romance that's actually well put together? Wonderful review :)

    Following you back! xo

    1. Aw, thanks!
      You should definitely read the Too Good series! It's a m a z i n g!

  2. I hate improper grammar as well! It's the worst. New follower :)


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