Thursday, November 7, 2013

October DNF

Hi, guys!

So, I know that it's now wonderful November, but I thought I'd do a list of my October did-not-finish books.  There aren't very many on the list, so this should be a quickie!

Wicked Fate was intriguing and addictive.... in the beginning.  I just slowly started to lose interest the farther I got into it.  Mage was an odd - but sweet - girl, and I genuinely liked her!  But when she gained a friend (I seriously forgot the girl's name already....) and a boyfriend, it just became way too cheesy and unoriginal for me to handle.  I also have this weird pet peeve where I won't read a book unless the main character is 16 years of age or older, and Mage is 15, so I didn't really like that aspect of it.  I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's just the fact that most YA novels have a main character that's at least 16, and I've just gotten used to it.

What the hell is it with everyone loving A Different Blue on Goodreads?  Really, the only reason I got this book was because it was praised by so many people on Goodreads, and I figured that I would love it as much - if not more - than them.  Goodness, I was so wrong.  It's awesome how Blue is Native American and strongly connected to her roots, but the flashbacks were too much.  I mean, really, one in between every chapter?  I think that's overkill.  Harmon just had to give Blue the most boring hobby (in my opinion) - carving.  Seriously, you couldn't have made her a photographer or a painter?  You had to go with carver?  Ugh...

~ Has anyone else read these books?

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