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Alice in Zombieland

Book 1
Title: Alice in Zombieland (The White Rabbit Chronicles #1)

Author: Gena Showalter

Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance

Release Date: September 25, 2012

My Rating:

My Review:
Alice in Zombieland has to be my favorite remake of Alice in Wonderland so far!

Alice Bell is your average awkward teenager with your average family, but there's a catch.  Her father is a bit off because he believes that zombies roam through the night, looking for their prey...humans.
Alice never gets the opportunity to experience a regular childhood or adolescence because of her insanely paranoid father.
One night, something tragic happens to her family and she is left fighting to maintain her sanity because she is seeing...odd things.  Zombies.  Alice then meets gorgeous and brooding Cole who pulls her out of the darkness of ignorance and into the light of the truth.

This book is fan-tab-u-louuuus!  I immediately fell in love with Alice in just the second chapter; she is headstrong, independent, and awesome.  She stays tough even when everything she loves is torn away from her.  This book has a fine mixture of characters, but it leans more towards the bad-ass, rebel, leather type.

The chemistry between Alice and Cole (♥ interest) is perfect!  I loved the dialogue that transpired between the two of them; you can really feel their pull towards one another.  Alice's friendship with Kat is so sweet!  So lovely!

Speaking of dialogue, Showalter sure does know how to keep it going!  It is witty, fun, and (most importantly) relatable.
From an action angle, it was good, but not fan-flippin'-amazing.  I had to skip over some of the action scenes because it kind of bored me (but take into consideration that I am not a lover of all things tough and Rambo).
Thankfully this book does NOT end with a cliffhanger (yeah!) because I don't think I'd be able to wait out the suspense.
Overall, I am giving Alice in Zombieland a 4.5/5 because of the witty dialogue, the awesome plot-line, and the relatable relationships between the characters.
P.S. The second book in the series, Through the Zombieglass, hits shelves September 24, 2013!

Book 2


  1. I am a lover of all things Alice in Wonderland. I remember seeing this and thinking, there is no way this isn't going to amazing. And it was so good! Obviously extremely different from your usual Alice story, but really a fun read. I can't wait for Through the Zombie Glass!

    1. Oh, I know right! I instantly fell in love with Cole :) so sweet


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