Monday, June 3, 2013

The Inevitable Summer Reading

Alright, so this is a subject that I have been anxiously awaiting to do a blog entry on.
I totally feel empathy for the students who receive their summer reading list and start groaning and complaining about how the books are 'boring', 'dumb', 'pointless', etc.  Even as a high school senior, I still feel such reluctance and procrastination when it comes to summer reading.  I know that schools assign the books that they feel will have some sort of impact on the students, or cause them to have, like, some divulgement or something.  They know that students do NOT look forward to reading these books; they're not as naive as you think (XD).
What the schools need to realize is that they need to assign books that will make the students perk up and say "Wow, my school has awesome taste in books!" (If that is possible... I can't really imagine any students saying that, though!)
During the summer of 7th grade, my school assigned The Shadow Children for summer reading.  So, I (very grudgingly) went and got the books.  I never once thought that that single book would get me addicted to reading, I never once thought that I would be visiting B&N every Saturday to see what their new releases were, and I NEVER once thought that reading would become my escape from a world that I never felt included or accepted in.
I absolutely loathed reading when I was younger, but because of that one book on my summer reading list, reading has become (quite fascinatingly) my most favorite thing to do.
You never know when something is put in your path for a reason, and you never know what the tiniest things can do to change your lifestyle and your mindset.  Because of a simple book on my summer reading list, my life has changed substantially, and I hope that anyone who detests reading will find that one special book that will change their view on, quite frankly, the world we live in (for the better).


  1. What do you mean you were never included or accepted? D:

    1. Oh, you know, the usual awkwardness that I instill...
      Just a sort of self-reflection that I realized, nothing too drastic XD


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