Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forget Cars! Bikes = Real Deal

Hey guys!
So, I was recently in a car wreck, which totally sucked because I was planning on going to Ulta and buying a bunch of superfluous lotions that would probably sit in my bathroom for God knows how long.
I just wanted to express my feelings and go on a little rant.
Cars are so dangerous, and before my wreck I would just hop in and be like "Whatever, I'm totally not getting into a crash." (Of course while driving safely!)  Wrong.  Cars are enormous pieces of sharp, jagged metal molded into the shape of a car with an engine and all that good stuff that makes it run.  I adore my car, so I never once though that it could harm me in any way.  But getting into a crash changes your perspective and your perception.  You become more cautious and, frankly, more paranoid.
Why don't we all ride bikes?
Well, the number one reason would probably be time.  Bikes are pretty darn slow and it would take quite a bit of time to get to, say, the other side of the country.  But they are a million times safer.  Bikes are easy to stop and not that dangerous, unless you're like a speed-racer who has no sense of caution.
When I go to college, I am seriously going to revert back to my kiddie-days and ride a bike.  Just ride that little bike all across town.  I will totally be the envy of all the students.
Cheap and safe.
Be careful while driving!


  1. Bikes are dangerous too! Some driver might not see you and hit you! Cars are safer since at least you have something to protect you from more harm...

    1. Yeah, but in most cases it's not like you'll break a limb or get a concussion or whatever. Cars are pretty dangerous... you can die from getting into a wreck where you most likely won't with a bike.


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