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Title: Hellhound

Author: Kaylie Austen

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Mythology

Release Date: May 1, 2013

My Rating:

Lovely Lines:
"And with that thought, the steady and thick cloud suddenly erupted and disintegrated into the night sky, once again revealing the silver moon which we both desired."

I found Hellhound while searching through Goodreads and it sounded absolutely amazing, so I got it.

Hellhound is the story of the descendants of Greek gods who possess supernatural gifts; shape-shifting, tracking, incredible strength, to name a few.  Selene is the daughter of two Elders, the most powerful leaders in the clan who make up the rules that govern their people.  Selene soon meets Demetrius; strong, dark, and and brooding, she almost immediately falls for him.  And she falls hard.  Demetrius is the polar opposite of what the Elders had planned out for Selene's life.  But will she risk her precarious upbringing to be with Demetrius?

Selene's life is torn in two when two murders rock her carefully construed life.  She is forced to bear through tremendous heartbreak when she questions her lovers' intentions and devotion.
Austen's writing is spectacular and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.  The only problem is that many, many chapters just lagged on and on with no end in sight.  I almost fell asleep from boredom in many parts, so that wasn't very fun.
There is a ton of deep self-reflection, so don't read this book if you don't like delving into character's emotions.  The narration was very heavy and intense, like, heavy heavy.
The "mystery" aspect wasn't that much of a mystery; the murderer's identity was incredibly obvious and I was surprised that Austen would choose that certain character to be the bad guy, because, frankly, a child could have guessed who it was.  Yeah, it was bad.
Although, the unique background of Selene and her people piqued my interest, so I enjoyed those parts.
The characters were very involving; they all had their own quirky characteristics that I was thoroughly entertained by.  I loved Demetrius, was supremely proud of Selene, aggravated by Angel, infuriated by Claudius, and softened by Elder Augustus.
Overall, I'm giving Hellhound a 3.5/5 because the writing was lyrically lovely, but the mystery murderer's identity was too obvious and there was too much rambling in the narration.

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